Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our first core value is “Respect Everyone.” That’s a promise to encourage and nurture a work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.


At Abington Bank, the first of our core values is “Respect everyone.” We consider it more than just a statement. It’s a promise and a commitment that starts by encouraging and nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Our individual backgrounds, cultures, life experiences, and perspectives make each of us unique. Therefore, to be a successful community bank, we must represent and reflect those who live and work in the local communities we serve.

That’s why we embrace and respect differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, pregnancy and pregnancy-related, and other characteristics.

Doing so ensures that everyone feels valued and respected. And it allows us all to express our ideas freely and to contribute our best work in delivering on the promise to unlock the potential of our employees, our customers, and our communities.

Partnering with organizations in our communities and providing support through employer and employee contributions help provide communities with resources to build an even greater level of understanding, dignity, and respect among its citizens. We’re proud of our long-standing commitment to making a real difference in the neighborhoods we serve—not just because it’s our responsibility, but because we believe it’s who we are.

Community Commitment

Dedication to the community is the cornerstone we were built on. And we carry that enduring tradition into every new neighborhood we serve.


Our dedication to the community is the cornerstone on which Abington Bank was founded, and we carry that enduring tradition with us as we venture into each new neighborhood.

Our charitable giving program, The Giving Tree, reflects the roots we have in our communities, our commitment to making a real difference in the neighborhoods we serve, and our belief that we can enhance everyone’s quality of life if we work to solve our biggest problems—together.

From employees generously donating their time in the communities where they live and work, to the bank’s continued support of local non-profit, civic, and educational organizations, we pride ourselves on being an integral part of the community and a good neighbor.

Visit our page on The Giving Tree to learn more about this commitment and how you or someone you know can request a sponsorship or donation.

Learning & Development

We mean it when we say that we want to help you unlock your own potential, personally and professionally, and help you succeed.


All our employees take a sincere interest in helping customers achieve their financial goals and make the most of their financial futures. From the front lines to the back office, our employees make it their personal mission to bring a meaningful difference to our customers’ lives. It’s what unlocking their potential is all about.

As an employer, we believe it’s our responsibility to recognize and celebrate our employees’ unique skills and make sure they have the tools, technical and soft skill training, and support to help them grow and develop.

• High-quality learning and development curriculum
• Access to industry-specialized training and education
• Peer-to-peer employee recognition program
• Internal promotions
• Regular career growth conversations
• Generous tuition reimbursement
• Flexible schedule modification
• Remote work arrangements
• Annual employee engagement survey
• Mentor program

We want to give you opportunities that let you reach your goals!

Core Values

Our core values were chosen by our employees and reflect who we are. They guide how we work with each other to serve our customers and our communities.


Our core values were created and voted on by our employees. So, they’re more than just words on a page. They guide how each of our employees lives and works every day to serve our customers, our communities, and one another.

Respect Everyone. Customers. Coworkers. You. All deserve the same respect.

Pursue Growth & Learning. Learning something new every day is part of our day-to-day.

Work as a Team. We’re the team that makes dreams come true.

Act with Integrity. Honesty. We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Listen with an Open Mind. Open ears lead to an open mind.

Take Ownership. Be Accountable. Accountability and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Exceed Customer Expectations. The first step in great customer service is thinking one step ahead.

Embrace Change as Opportunity. When you embrace change, you create the future.

Exhibit Pride in Your Workplace. Pride and dedication are how we show we care.

Foster Positive Energy. Positive energy creates positive results.

Laugh Often. Have Fun! Banking without humor will make you lose interest.